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offline decentralized single sign-on in the browser #

Recently, browsers have just begun to implement web cryptography. This means that browsers are now capable of the same kind of passwordless decentralized authentication schemes we've had server-side with ssh and tls asymmetric keys for decades.

I think this is super interesting. I wonder if users are going to be able to understand how to use it tho. I do want to try.

Fixing the Thinkpad Buttonless Touchpad #

The default configuration of the xf86-input-synaptics driver makes the clickpad almost unusable (on the T440s). Clicks/Taps do not register properly, misclicking, no palm detection, no soft buttons where they should be, and so on... The following configuration can be put in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-synaptics.conf As a result the clickpad will react a lot more 'calm' than before and the middle & right click button areas match with the printed ones on top of the clickpad.

New laptop, new woes

NoOps is an awful word #

What do IT Ops do? We manage IT risk on behalf of the business. Thinking Ops is about servers is like thinking Dev is about code cutting.

If you think devops means eliminating operations, you don't understand development or operations.

How GitHub uses GitHub to document GitHub #

Documentation teams across GitHub can take advantage of the GitHub Flow, Jekyll 2.0, and GitHub Pages to produce high-quality documentation. The benefits that GitHub Pages provides to our Documentation team is already available to any user running a GitHub Pages site.

Great dogfooding

Posting To Github Pages From Ios

This post is a quick test to see if I can easily post to my blog from Working Copy and Textastic. It is still a little beta, but it seems very promising!