Marcus Ramberg <insert something deeply moving and profound>

About Marcus

I guess you want to know something about me? I was born in Lillehammer in 1976. My mum says I was blue when I arrived, but these days only my eyes are blue. When I was 8 weeks old, my parents brought me to Bergen where they went to school for 4 years.

After Bergen we moved back to Baklia in FĂ„berg, where I grew up. I got my first computer at 6, an Amstrad CPC 464, and I've been hooked ever since.

A list (possibly outdated) of facts about me

  • I am married with two daughters.
  • I live in Oslo, Norway.
  • In 2008 I quit my job and started Nordaaker with @arne
  • I am interested in beer. Both drinking and brewing it.
  • I am an Acmeist
  • I favor Perl, Ruby, Objective-C, Go, Javascript & Lua
  • I consume a lot of media. TV-series, Movies, Audio books, Books, Graphic Novels, Games and more.
  • I am the CTO of The Output Company

Some projects I am involved in

  • Output - A better way to do multi-channel magazines.
  • Ranked - Easy ranking and tournaments for your offices sports. Made by Nordaaker.
  • Mojolicious - An awesome async http toolkit for Perl. I am one of the core devs
  • Convos - Web based IRC Client that I wrote together with @jhthorsen.
  • Iusethis - App tracker for mac, iphone and windows. First project that I did with @arne.
  • MojoMojo - A Catalyst based wiki.

Me elsewhere

That is all. If you have any unanswered questions, email me.