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Awesome route graph with MojoX::Routes::AsGraph

We are testing out Sebastian's Mojolicious framework for use in a Nordaaker project. Mojolicious uses an routes-based dispatcher, which is nice, but sometimes it's hard to keep track of how everything is routed. Luckily Melo already has an excellent solution for this:

Just check out MojoX::Routes::AsGraph , which can generate these lovely graphs for you. It can even generate Ascii graphs, if you're a hard-core console user (Thanks to vti for telling me about that, as well as showing me this module in the first place :).

13:46 < vti>     my $graph = MojoX::Routes::AsGraph->graph($r)->as_ascii;

With that the above graph looks something like this:


Would be nice to see something similar for Catalyst, to visualize all the chains and dispatch points.