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→ Goodbye 182 day streak

Today I’m ending my love affair with duolingo, have just signed up for a year of memrise. Let’s see if I can finally git gud at Russian :)

→ Org mode reference card

Great little reference for org mode syntax.

Magit Forge on macOS

I’ve tried many editor git integrations over the years, in Vim, VS Code, IntelliJ, Sublime, as well as various git guis. However I’ve never found something nearly as powerful and efficient day to day as working on the command line. While I will probably never give up the command line, with Emacs’ Magit I’ve finally found a valuable companion which feels as powerful and efficient as the cli interface. The magit status window is a super powerful base point for most git operations. Read More...

→ Modern rust alternatives for Unix classics

I use several of these

A Wild pokecat appears

A Wild pokecat appears

→ Dark days for America

→ i3-grid - easily handle floating windows in i3

i3 is my favorite window manager ever, and it works great for tiling, but sometimes you need a floating window, and typically that has meant resorting to the dreaded mouse, or clumsy keybindings. i3-grid promises to fix this. Check out the demo from the README, it’s pretty neat!

→ High quality raspberry pi camera

I def need one of these

→ Terraform input validation

Great intro to this recent feature by Wilson.

How I'm running Home Assistant in docker on NixOS

For the last few years I’ve been into home automation, and since I buy random stuff from different vendors and with various protocols, I use Home Assistant to tie it all together. My main home server is a NixOS box, but for a long while I was running home assistant on my old Arch mac mini, because it was such a chore to handle dependencies with the NixOS home assistant service. Read More...