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Making (?:things|code|evil|mistakes).

→ Commander Keen On Hacked Switch

Best reason to have a hacked switch really.

Leaving Gudvangen

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Leaving Gudvangen

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Making hay

Making hay


Great introduction site for the nix ecosystem

→ Best looking org-agenda

I need to steal some of this

Mom petting newborn calf

Mom petting newborn calf

→ Thomas Dybdahl - Life here is gold

Live at Akershus festning, July 2020

Thomas Dybdahl at Akershus Festning

Thomas Dybdahl at Akershus Festning

→ The Virus Lounge

Welcome to tazjin’s Virus Lounge. We’re a random group of people who feel undersocialised in these trying times, and we’ve decided that there isn’t enough spontaneous socialising on the internet. These folks also exists on freenode ##tvl