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Remelting thermoplastics in salt

Very interesting method to increase the strength of 3D printed parts. The salt ensures the object retains its shape and can be washed away after the baking.



Been on a 3d model painting kick lately. This one is a work in progress but I think it’s starting to shape up. love how you can layer paint for continous improvement




→ Pair programming

This graph is a good visualization of why I believe in pair programming. Pair programming contributes to higher internal software quality. It can seem like a slow down at first, but you'll forget about that with the medium- and long-term impacts to the codebase and the product. — 🔥 Josh Branchaud 🕺🏼 (@jbrancha) August 31, 2020 To me this has always seemed intuitively right. Unfortunate that so many developers seem hesitant to participate in pair programming. Read More...

→ Free Cnc project files.

Some nice cnc projects, should give these a try.

→ Sandman The Audio Book

Just finished this, and it was glorious. Great voice acting, and I could almost see the comic strips from so long ago in my mind while reading. Weither you have good memories of the graphics novel, or you have ignored it because “comics aren’t real books”, I warmly recommended checking out this epic version of the story of the endless.

Merry Go Round of Life from Howl's Moving Castle with cat in piano

The cat content I needed today.


Sliding Legolini

Sliding Legolini

Current project heating my basement.


Babushka’s granade

Babushka’s granade

→ Haproxy-lua-jwt

JWT Validation implementation for HAProxy Lua host